A liter or kg of LipoFeed replaces up to 10kg of tallow or oil.

Why keep using tallow or oil as energy sources in the ration when there's already something better!

A liter or kg of LipoFeed replaces up to 10kg of tallow or oil.

  • Calories are getting more expensive everyday!
  • Optimum levels of energy in the feed is a need that can’t be eliminated.
  • Are you satisfied with the use of tallow and oil as energy sources?
  • What about their prices?
  • And what about their animal’s productivity performance?
  • What can you tell me about the profit?
  • If you believe that you have taken your animals to the limit of their production, it could be that you’re being too confident.
  • The energy as a nutrient in the feed is closely related to animal growth; its restriction or imbalance in the rations is a cause of low growth, low weight-gain, low milk production, poor animal reproduction and immune system deficiencies.
  • Why keep using tallow or oil as energy sources in the ration when there's already something better!


It’s a nutritional supplement that provides animals from all species with glucose precursors that are designed to partially or completely replace animal (tallow) or vegetable (oil) fats in balanced feed.


Functional Benefits
It doesn’t go stale.
Quality is always uniform.
It gets mixed with the ration’s ingredients without any problem.
It is not hormonal.
It is not beta-adrenergic.
It is not toxic.
Its ingredients are innocuous.
There’s not time for retirement before sending the animals to the market.
Its handling is safe; thus avoiding risks of accidents..
Productive Benefits
Sow produces more milk.
Higher fertility index.
More uniform litters.
Higher resistance to stress (environmental or handling).
Higher weight-gain speed (less days in the market).
Higher yielding carcass.
Better meat quality (lean meat).
Less PSE.
More semen production.


Recommended Dosage


With every liter or kilogram you can partially or completely change up to 10kg of tallow or oil


As energy supplement.- direct administration over the feed, 1ml or gram per every 20kg of weight. In drinking water, add 1 liter per every 1000 liters of water.


Name Version Description
LipoFeed® AQ Liquid Plastic containers with 20, 50 and 200 liters of net content - more information - more info.
LipoFeed® PB Powder Sacks of polypropylene with 20 kg of net weight - more information - more info.


Supporting evidence of the initiation stage of pigs
Concept LipoFeed® Tallow
Number of animals at the beginning 12 12
Number of animals at the end 12 11
Initial weight of the group kg. 230.000 276.000
Final weight of the group kg. 380.000 390.000
Group weight-gain kg. 150.000 114.000
Initial average weight per animal kg. 19.167 23.000
Weight-gain per animal kg. 31.667 35.454
Daily weight-gain per animal kg. 12.500 12.454
Daily weight-gain per animal kg. 0.694 0.692
The test lasted for 18 days: from August 19th to September 2002; this took place in the “Granja La Providencia” that is located in the city of Teocuitatlán, Jal. The owner is Mrs Guadalupe Sahagún de Villarruel.
Meat Quality Report and primal cut yielding
Mr. Andrés Godínez´ pig quality report
Batch size 25 CERDOS
Total weight of the batch 2700 KGS
Average live weight 108 KGS
Average carcass weight 89.1 KGS
Live pig yielding/carcass 82.5%
Physical characteristics of the batch meat
Color Excellent, level 4
Firmness excellent
Diameter of the loin’s eye 8 to 10 cm. AV
PSE 5%
Interdorsal fat measured between the 4th and the 5th rib 2 cm (it should be maximum 3)
Pork offcuts yielding
Product Yielding (%) STD (%)
Loin's head 5.7 4.50
Pork shoulder 13.2 12.8
Chop steak 12.8 12.8
Rib 12.5 12.5
Boneless leg 22.8 18.5
Head 6.9 7.2
Body / Belly 11.8 15.00
Fat 2.7 3.40
Calf 1.6 2.0
Trotters 1.7 1.8
Offcuts 1.1 2.0
Spine bone 1.4 2.0
Kidney 0.3 0.30
Marrow 3.9 4.00
Loss 1.1 3.5
Farm “Las Pampas” Berriozabal, Chiapas. November 2000