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Currently, livestock production units have to guarantee their animal’s health using the strictest biosecurity, that includes a rigorous selection of suppliers that comply with the GMP. In other words, Good Manufacturing Practices.

What is biosecurity?

Biosecurity is known as the group of norms and procedures that guarantee control over the risk factors, that prevent harmful impacts and that guarantee the respect for the permissible limits without threatening the health of people that handle or work with biological elements, biochemical and genetic techniques. It also guarantees that the result of the latter does not threaten the community’s health and that it doesn’t go against the environment.

Security and biotechnology

This concept corresponds to the need to protect human health and the environment against possible adverse effects of modern biotechnology. At the same time, it recognizes that modern biotechnology has a great potential to promote the well-being of humanity; particularly, the latter is the need to satisfy critical needs regarding feeding, agriculture and health sanitation.

Our products contribute to reach the maximum nutritional efficiency; they are elaborated with the highest quality standard in all their processes in order guarantee the safety that our clients demand and that animals require.